Nieuw boek: "Berliet, Chaimite and UMM
The Great Portuguese Military Vehicles"

The book "Berliet, Chaimite and UMM - The Great Portuguese Military Vehicles" focus these Portuguese-built military vehicles, and the history of their development, production and operation in Portugal and other countries - both in combat and peacekeeping missions. Among other highlights the book covers the partnership with the French company Berliet, the connection between the Chaimite and the America-built Commando from Cadillac Gage and the use of the Panhard armoured vehicles in Africa.

The book, limited to 750 numbered copies with 168 pages, is densely illustrated with archive photage - including from the Belriet archives in Lyon - and photo reportages in Kosovo, Lithuania and military units operating these vehicles. In addition, each chapter includes English photo captions and extensive summaries so that international readers can benefit from the extensive research, interviews and reportages.

The book can be ordered through email We have included some photos and information on the Dutch fleet of UMM Cournil and Alter military vehicles, which I think will be interesting for Dutch readers. (19-04-2018)